Respond to the World with More Flexibility

emotional intelligence,, REBT, CBT, eqIf you’re under the age of one, it may be possible for you to respond to the world with more flexibility than an adult. (Those of you who are under the age of one can stop reading now and run along. If you can write, please jot down your thoughts on EI and send them to me. I would be forever grateful to, once again, have the emotional resolve and flexibility of a one-year-old.) If you’re over the age of one, dig in your heels. Your EI adventure is all very possible; but it gets progressively more difficult as you age.

A child’s emotional possibilities are boundless – from A to Z and back again. An adult, on the other hand, often loses h/er emotional flexibility as s/he ages, running the broad spectrum, instead, from A to C and back again. Where children can choose from hundreds of options to express emotion, adults are often narrowed to as few.

This happens, I feel anger.

This happens, I feel depression.

This happens, I feel anxiety.

This happens, I feel joy!

Very limited flexibility.

Choosing irrationality over rationality leaves us with the burden of overcoming a number of cognitive and structural (biological) barriers that children do not yet posses.


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