Think Twice!

I have found that maintaining improvement in EI, learning to think twice, requires effort, a higher level of frustration tolerance and a good dose of self-determination. The degree of effort you will use to improve your EI will depend on your level of commitment, where you have been and what you have experienced previous to reading this book. Greater frustration tolerance and self-determination, of course, are necessary to achieving any goal.

Your emotions, regardless of how much strength you’ve learned to give them, can be brought down, deconstructed and reshaped. You just have to learn how to give your knee-jerk response to emotional stimuli less strength – LESS OF A JERK. In order to do that you will have to commit to reinventing the way you think and behave. You will approach that task by accepting and then adapting to a no-nonsense style of emotional problem solving. You will learn and use a process of level-headed decision-making, becoming more efficient, flexible and open-minded when addressing our emotional problems. There is always another emotional option. You can make fact-based observations, something most of us are unfamiliar with doing. You can incorporate in vivo (in life) exposure, i.e., homework, to encourage you to independently act against your SELF-DEFEATING thoughts and behaviors.


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