Go Suck A Lemon

Your emotions, regardless of how much strength you’ve learned to give them, can be brought down, deconstructed and reshaped. You just have to learn how to give your knee-jerk response to emotional stimuli less strength – LESS OF A JERK. In order to do that you will have to commit to reinventing the way you think and behave. You will approach that task by accepting and then adapting to a no-nonsense style of emotional problem solving. You will learn and use a process of level-headed decision-making, becoming more efficient, flexible and open-minded when addressing our emotional problems. There is always another emotional option. You can make fact-based observations, something most of us are unfamiliar with doing. You can incorporate in vivo (in life) exposure, i.e., homework, to encourage you to independently act against your SELF-DEFEATING thoughts and behaviors.

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