The Case of Elliot (part three)

emotional intelligence, mental health, gay,, rationality, rebt, cbt, michael cornwallThis nine-part series will illustrate the emotional intelligence (EI) theory intervention paradigm. The content of these dialogues may be of interest to the casual reader as well as the therapist seeking to increase h/er understanding and application of EI theory. An update of the problem solving adventure between Elliot and his EI guide will be posted each day, for nine days.

EI Guide: So, you are not a clown, but you are a piece of shit?

Elliot: I don’t want to be either.

EI Guide: What are we going to do, then?

Elliot: Isn’t that your job?

EI Guide: I’m not sure. What do you think my job is?

Elliot: To fix me. To tell me what to think.

EI Guide: You seem to be doing fine telling yourself what to think.

Elliot: I think I’m dizzy.

EI Guide: Let’s get back to your father. He doesn’t like you to be gay. He has disowned you and shown you disrespect. You believe these events have turned you into a piece of shit. Is that where we are?

Elliot: Yes, I guess.

EI Guide: What does a piece of shit feel like?

Elliot: Oh boy. A piece of shit feels like really depressed and really sad and really scared.

EI Guide: That doesn’t sound at all like how I imagined a piece of shit to feel.

Elliot: I’m not really a piece of shit. It is a figure of speech.

EI Guide: Oh, that makes things easier. I was thinking I was going to have to call a plumber.

Elliot: Very funny.

EI Guide: So what we really have with us today is Elliot, a 17-year-old male who is homosexual and who has been rejected by his father and now feels depressed, sad and scared?

Elliot: That about sums it up.

EI Guide: Now we’re talking.


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