Think Twice

People often behave contrary to your wishes.  Their behavior, regardless, is not NECESSARY for your continued happiness.

If you are appreciative of this message, you may have had to stop and wonder – to think twice – about it. Once foolishly, “What kind of shit is this?” and second, in a more rational, reasoned and balanced way, resulting in a more self-enhancing outcome.  “You are right! I don’t need complete cooperation from others in order to find happiness in my day. I can live contentedly even when people don’t cooperate with me,” or “People don’t have to behave the way I want them to behave.  They can act foolishly.  They have a perfect right to behave any way they want. I will never like it that people act so irresponsibly with one another, but I can still be content in my life even when they behave in ways that I don’t like.”

I have found that maintaining improvement in EI, learning to think twice, requires effort, a higher level of frustration tolerance and a good dose of self-determination. The degree of effort you will use to improve your EI will depend on your level of commitment, where you have been and what you have experienced previous to reading this blog. Greater frustration tolerance and self-determination, of course, are necessary to achieving any goal.

Nothing can better bring you peace than yourself.


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