Go Suck a Lemon

The main concept discussed in Go Suck a Lemon is the idea that we can, using only our imaginations, conjure the sensation of sucking a lemon.

Think about it.

It is a rare person who can be asked to imagine a ripe, yellow lemon filled with seeds and pulp and not wince at the thought of sucking the juice from it.  The same goes for imagining the taste of a cinnamon jelly bean and not imagining the bite of cinnamon on your tongue.

The trick to improving your emotional intelligence is to imagine sucking a lemon – but tasting the cinnamon jelly bean instead. Wrapping your mind around changing these two seemingly exclusive sensations and going about reversing them.

That is no small task.

Try it.

This exercise requires that you change the way you imagine each of the tastes and training your mind to experience the stimuli differently.

The connection between this exercise and your emotional problems is that no matter what situation you are facing, you can teach yourself to imagine the situation differently.  What used to be anger-provoking for you can become only a sad circumstance.  Fearful situations can be imagined as merely uncomfortable.

You can live contentedly even when you’re facing adversity.

Maybe not as contentedly as you would be without the disturbance, but contentedly nonetheless.  I guess it’s a whole lot better than living in a state of anger and anxiety all the time.

It will take force of will to achieve this.

Learning a new way of thinking about adversity is the key. Please visit my Publications tab to your right for more information on ordering your copy of Go Suck a Lemon.  Your improved emotional intelligence may be just a click away.


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