Mindful Commitment

At issue today is the EI learner’s potential to succeed at using EI philosophy, alone, as an efficient method of social problem-solving. From my experience, the EI learner who only manages to identify faulty thinking and does not commit to continue the problem-solving process – toward discovering a more reasonable, manageable belief option – may be at continued disadvantage for improving h/er emotional intelligence. The learner may be left with making a decision – using the EI self-help paradigm or returning to a more familiar pattern of social problem solving. The learner must recognize these pitfalls and strive to overcome them.

According to the basic premise of EI theory, in order to overcome emotional conflict, we must practice and strengthen more useful and adaptive social problem-solving behaviors. By establishing personal practice methods, those behaviors the learner can sustain over time, for example, behaviors that encourage objectivity when being judged by others, may:

  • help the learner rely more on h/er own judgment of h/erself and h/er worth;
  • discourage emotional conformity
  • encourage emotional range;
  • encourage self-determination;
  • help to build the value of self acceptance over the concept of self-esteem;
  • strengthen the process of solving one’s own emotional problems, likely resulting in better preparation for the next time shit happens.

Without some vigorous, consistent effort on the learner’s part to think and behave differently, success with EI theory is extraordinarily limited.

Finally, the most promising benefit of using the emotional intelligence theory in social problem solving with articulated disputation is the potential for the learner to recognize the similarities between h/er past and current emotional issues. If the learner is successful at mindful commitment to resolve h/er emotional issues using this EI paradigm, s/he is more likely to use the solutions acquired from these experiences to address future problems.


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  1. I am crazy about your blog and appreciate your interest in mine (which I hope is not short-lived.) I have a PhD in cultural studies and my thesis was about Alzheimer’s disease and narrative.

    I like your wisdoms!

    • i am absorbed by different cultures. i think its wonderful to have a new friend in australia. i cant imagine i will ever go there, but i have always been keenly interested in the aborigine culture and the european influence over and on it. there are similarities i think in american indian culture. i also love language and accents. i am from new england and i live in the south of the US, so my own accent is often responsible for a number of unusual experiences 🙂

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