Thinking About Thinking

We must perceive before we can emote.

We must perceive that we are perceiving, before we can perceive differently.

We must learn to think about our thinking.

Perception is a combination of mental and physical processes involving individual experience, hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling.  For example, if a person is unconscious (and therefore not perceiving), s/he will not be disturbed by a grizzly bear eating grapes off h/er chest. If the individual suddenly awakes, however, within nanoseconds, perceptual information is immediately gathered.  It passes swiftly through the brain, much like electricity, is translated into neuro-signals and results in the instantaneous distribution of those sticky, gooey substances travelling at the speed of light throughout the body, preparing it for running, fighting, freezing or some combination of all three.

This is the perception of FEAR! and its corollaries.

Realizing that your emotions are produced by your perception of events – by your thinking and your body’s electro-chemical-hormonal response to thinking is essential to improving your EI.


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