Passing on the idea, from generation to generation, that our present method of emotional reasoning is somehow optimal will do nothing to help evolve our species. In fact, our current method of behaving and emoting is wholly maladaptive, ill-functioning and is, simply, a conked out idea. We have to learn to think and behave differently, more rationally and with more imagination if we are going to continue.  Of course, we cannot hand down this imaginative method of emoting to our children without first modeling rational behavior ourselves.

That is the tough part.

Frankly, I am very tired of being responsible for how other people make themselves feel all day. I am even more tired of having to settle on restricting my behavioral and emotive potential to the magical idea that I make people feel – simply to suit the people around me. I would prefer, instead, to say, “Own your own feelings and leave me out of it!” But, as I emphasized in the beginning of this blog, if we stand strong, shoulder to shoulder, and make this statement as the small group of emotionally intelligent folk, we will likely limit our opportunity to cooperate, congregate or copulate with the majority of people who simply will not hear of it.

So we carry on, compromising our sanity and the sanity of future generations by continuing with this magical idea that our feelings somehow come from how other people make us feel.

But nothing can better bring you peace than yourself.


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