Think Once and for All

Your struggle to improve your EI will be found in how consistent, focused and determined you can be when using the skills found in the books Go Suck a Lemon: Strategies for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence and (coming in December) Think Twice: A Guide to Improved Emotional Intelligence.  As a result of your reading, you will form new thoughts and behaviors and eventually be better prepared to become your own EI coach. You will also be more capable of sharing emotional knowledge with children.

Children have very expansive and impressionable minds.  It seems nearly anything we tell them becomes a point of fact from which they judge future experiences. Rather than learning to think twice, children can very well think once and for all, securing for themselves a less burdensome emotional future.

If we continue to teach children to kill one another over such things as disrespect, gold jewelry and stereotypes – to wage war over religion and political dogma and to contribute to the suffering of others based on centuries of vendetta or imagined slight, we surely cannot evolve our human emotional potential to accommodate a future where our only expectation is more anxiety, anger and human congestion. We will be forever stuck, instead, with making sense of our world through the narrow scope of fear and attachment we were born with thousands of years ago, gauging our happiness against an unrealistic, perfect standard and responding to the slightest inconvenience as if it were a threat to our very existence.

Nothing can bring you better peace than yourself.


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