We are truly a world of nut-heads

Scientists have traced human social behavior back over 40,000 years, concluding, to a large extent, that social learning and its corresponding behavior serve an adaptive purpose, integral to the continued existence of our species. Researchers from varying disciplines have observed that, in many ways, human evolution has not  significantly sacrificed primitive social custom.  We are still very much motivated to congregate, cooperate and copulate.

Modern wo/man appears to have more time on h/er hands, however, than our primitive ancestors ever dreamed of.

Like our long-ago relatives, we remain focused on seeking and receiving affection, albeit in varying and progressive ways.  In fact, we don’t actually have to physically meet other people anymore.  To have a fulfilling relationship, we just have to have an active Internet connection and an attractive, youthful and very trendy avatar.

Likewise, we have never had more opportunity to congregate with other cultures than we do today. When our cell phone goes berserk or we lose our Internet connection, for instance, we find ourselves, like magic, suddenly speaking with a stranger in India or  the Philippines, working together to resolve our problems, often while speaking different languages.

And we continue to respond to threats to our safety, only now we kill one another over such things as disrespect, assaults to our egos and our treasured self-esteem.

We are creatures of evolutionary custom, tradition and consequences, all of which appear to be inextricably blended to form our ever-advancing emotional wisdom.

“You shouldn’t treat me like that!”

“How am I treating you?”

“You are ignoring me.”

“I’m eating.”

“You can eat and talk to me at the same time.”

“I wasn’t raised like that.”

“You hate me!”

We are truly a world of nut-heads.


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